Maintain Brand Reputation During Black Friday with Social Monitoring

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Social Media Black Friday

Black Friday has become one of the most dangerous days of the year in our consumption-crazed modern world. Type “Black Friday Mishaps” into Google and it quickly becomes clear that there are a multitude of security and safety risks associated with the event, and any incidents that happen on your retail property are going to affect your brand. Aside from … Read More

Increase Customer Engagement Using Location-Based Social Media

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location-based customer engagement

Sifting through the ever-growing sea of apps, websites, and other technologies designed to improve your business can be overwhelming at times. Perhaps the most overwhelming array of tech is in the field of marketing and customer service. It’s recently become widely accepted that one of the most effective ways to grow your business is to increase customer engagement, and there … Read More

How Smart Marketers Use Geofencing In Their Campaigns

Karl SwannieMarketing

The Growth of Mar-Tech “Mar-tech” is one of the most popular new terms in the industry right now. There are tons of subcategories within the sphere of mar-tech, including ad technology, CRM platforms, cloud-based solutions, and, yes, geofencing. The idea of geofencing is relatively new to the marketing world. However, leveraging geofencing in your mar-tech product suite could give your … Read More

Driving Guest Acquisition and Retention in a Competitive Market

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We expect hospitality businesses to know about, and react to the special milestones in our lives. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or retirement, the ideal guest experience is highly personal. As consumer expectations shift towards this level of service, so do hotel accommodations. The hotel industry has reached a saturation point for ‘extravagance and luxury’. This next level of service … Read More

Building BC Firemap Plus: Open Data and Wildfire Mapping Lessons Learned

Neil JohnstonEducational, Media

I’ve run head first into the internet connectivity divide; my parents, located north of Williams Lake near Soda Creek have been put under Evacuation Order – they do not have internet.  I, surrounded by connectivity, have discovered an evacuation order for their area at 8:00PM – it had been posted online at 2:09PM.  My parent’s home phone rings, but there’s … Read More

How Social Intelligence Can Save Your Public Relations Pitfall

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The Public Relations industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites are now where everyone receives their news and information. Newspapers, television news and radio reports have become more and more antiquated. Our new methods of communication are instantaneous. Nowadays, public relations and marketing teams have very little time to respond in a crisis. … Read More

What is fake news? And how to spot it!

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What is Fake News? On June 1st, 1897, The New York Herald published an article claiming that famous American writer Mark Twain was “grievously ill and possibly dying.” The following day, Twain was quoted by The New York Journal as saying, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” In those days, such rumours would have been called ‘untruths,’ ‘false … Read More

The Latest Echosec Release is here!


  We are only a few days away from rolling out the latest release of Echosec to the world. Echosec is the location-based social media discovery tool that global companies trust to find out what’s happening on the ground, in real-time. Whether it’s for marketing, customer experience, advertising, or security, Echosec goes beyond hashtags and keywords to deliver the info businesses need. So, what have … Read More

Echosec to Showcase Social Discovery Platform at the 2017 Incite Marketing Summit


Echosec will be wowing attendees & sponsors with their Location-Based search platform at Incite Marketing Summit West Victoria, BC., Canada, May 17, 2017 — Echosec Systems will be sharing their industry leading social discovery solution at the 2017 Incite Marketing Summit. The summit takes place at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco on Sep 23-24th. With Echosec, companies can: Find and … Read More