Data Discovery for Threat Intelligence

Paula HingleyOSINT, security


It is estimated that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. What that means for businesses is that they may be significantly more vulnerable to information breaches than ever before. Every new employee brings new risks to a company. As they grow, organizations become more susceptible to phishing scams or other information related … Read More

What is Discord? And Why Should You Care?

Paula HingleyGeneral, OSINT

Discord is a voiceover IP and messaging program, particularly used by members of the popular game streaming platform, Twitch. Discord’s user interface looks like a cross between Skype and Slack. It’s completely free to use, and is available as a web, mobile, and desktop application. Within Discord, users can create their own servers and host private, password protected, or public … Read More

How Executive Protection Services are Changing

Paula HingleyExecutive Protection

executive protection services

Executive protection is a set of security measures intended to mitigate risk for people whose reputations, wealth, or positions require heightened personal security. When employees, spokespeople, and stakeholders are at an elevated personal risk, it is the role of the organization they represent to assess and manage that risk accordingly. Executive protection services can range from a single physical security … Read More

Protecting Your Brand Online : 3 Threats to Consider

Paula HingleyBrand Protection


Brand protection is evolving. Protecting your brand online means protecting your revenue and your reputation, and maintaining the trust of your customers in the face of malicious behaviour from digital criminals targeting your business. The massive reach of the internet has completely changed the way businesses and customers communicate with each other, as well as the ways that companies drive … Read More

5 Ways Digital Agencies use Social Media Listening Tools

Paula HingleyBrand Protection


Social media listening tools are everywhere these days. Each one has a different set of value props ranging from sentiment analysis to influencer scoring. No matter how you slice it, there is tremendous value in having many ears to the online conversation. The question for agencies isn’t whether or not they need a social media listening tool, but knowing what … Read More

What is the EU GDPR and what does it mean for you?



Everybody’s talking about the European Union General Data Protection Regulation right now, and for good reason. The EU GDPR is a broad, powerful piece of legislation that came into effect on May 25th, 2018, and has rewritten the rules of privacy in Europe and the rest of the world, for business and consumers alike. If you’re not up-to-date on the … Read More

How To Build a Complete OSINT Strategy in 5 Steps

Paula HingleyOSINT


Ten years ago, open source information was scarce. Finding information about companies and people was primarily done with a phone book. It’s no secret that this has changed dramatically since the dawn of the smartphone.In recent years, open source intelligence (OSINT) is has taken on a whole new meaning. People of all ages and demographics have become very comfortable with … Read More

Manage Your Online Brand Reputation with Social Media

Karl SwannieBrand Protection


Managing online brand reputation is getting more and more complicated. Consumers today have unlimited access to information before making a decision. Reviews, traditional news sources and social media are all places your prospects go to scope you out, before they reach out. As such, just one negative review, public relations slip-up, or poorly-managed accident can make the difference between a … Read More

Asset Monitoring and the Importance of Geofencing Technology

Paula HingleyAsset Monitoring


Publicity Comes at a Cost High profile events and high-value assets go hand and hand. Whether it’s a red carpet gala, an award ceremony, or a sporting event, big brands spend big budgets to furnish their attendance with high ticket items. Often, assets like fancy vehicles & luxury jewelry are borrowed from brands in exchange for the publicity they get … Read More