Asset Monitoring and the Importance of Geofencing Technology

Paula HingleyAsset Monitoring


Publicity Comes at a Cost High profile events and high-value assets go hand and hand. Whether it’s a red carpet gala, an award ceremony, or a sporting event, big brands spend big budgets to furnish their attendance with high ticket items. Often, assets like fancy vehicles & luxury jewelry are borrowed from brands in exchange for the publicity they get … Read More

5 Industries that Are Using Twitter Monitoring Tools to Get Ahead

Paula HingleyAsset Monitoring, Brand Protection, OSINT


“I don’t believe in social media.” It’s a phrase we hear fairly often when we’re showing our platform at events across many industries. The pervasiveness of social media in recent years has left many people disdained and disgruntled. Whether or not you ‘like’ social media, you’re living under a behemoth rock if you still don’t ‘believe’ in it. It’s so … Read More

What is Tor and the Deep Web?

Jason JubinvilleAsset Monitoring, Brand Protection, Cyber Security, OSINT


The Deep Web is where all the criminals hang out, right? Well, yes and no. The deep web is essentially all of the non-indexed, non-searchable content on the Internet. To really understand this, we need to quickly talk about what the Internet IS. A very basic summary of what the Internet really is: This is a simplification of what is … Read More

Geo-Social Financial Trends to Watch

David MorganAsset Monitoring

 If your dollars depend on instant information, you need your fingers on the global pulse. By: Karl Swannie (@KarlSwannie) and David Morgan (@Where_IsDave) The best way to monitor and engage the pulse of financial trends is through crowd-sourced information. Billions of posts are made daily to social media that offer real-time data on world activities. Amazingly, this ocean of data is … Read More

5 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property on Social Media

Stephanie MeadowsAsset Monitoring, Brand Protection, Cyber Security

Our thanks to Stephanie Meadows for letting us re-post her article on 5 ways to protect your intellectual property on Social Media. It was originally published on LinkedIn and can be accessed here. In a time when keeping your intellectual property private has become increasingly more difficult, how do companies manage the kind of content that their employees are sharing … Read More